every dish has a narrative


What is Union Kitchen?

Union Kitchen is, well... a kitchen. But what if a kitchen was more than the sum of its parts? More than the counters, sinks, and appliances that fill a space? What if a kitchen was the idea that a person’s life shapes the way they cook?

Union Kitchen is that idea. We cook from who we are. We train others to do the same. When we make a meal to share with you– we share our very selves.

Food is meant for more than survival. It tells us a story. It’s a story carved on wooden boards and written with folded steel. Food is scrawled in searing heat and revised with measured time. It’s a story poured from uncorked journeys and seasoned with aged strife.

And in every meal there is a dénouement– the unraveling of our solitude and the rewriting of our lives together.

Welcome to Union Kitchen.




August 4th


The Bird
1612 Harmon Pl
Minneapolis, MN 55403