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Culinary Series: Kimchi Fried Rice

People tend to fall into one of a few camps when it comes to kimchi: a) you already love it, b) you want to try it but feel tentative, or c) you don’t like it (in the last case, we think we might be able to change your mind!).

Luckily, almost everyone loves fried rice! In this hands-on class, we will teach you a kimchi spin on the well-loved classic. Fried rice is traditionally a leftovers dish, so it’s a great way to use up whatever odds and ends of meats and veggies you have lurking in your fridge. Whether you’re a kimchi connoisseur or newbie, come learn a delicious new application for it, pick up some tips and tricks for great fried rice, and try out two tasty local kimchi brands made right here at The Good Acre Kitchen.

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